Launched in 2013, GreenTrack is an umbrella programme to coordinate and manage all sustainability initiatives within the Linden Food Group. We are aware of the impact our activities and processes can have on the environment and we endeavour to operate responsibly in all we do. In this context, the GreenTrack initiative links “what we do and what we plan to do” through formalising our commitment to sustainable business practices and ensures this approach is central to our strategic decision making. Uniting Group-wide sustainability efforts, the GreenTrack programme has set ambitious targets under the four key pillars that make up the initiative: the environment, colleagues and communities, agriculture and customers. GreenTrack is proud to be part of the world’s first Prosperity Agreement which was signed in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency in August 2014. The Agreement brings the Linden Food Group to the forefront of progressive sustainable business practice and is a clear demonstration of the Group’s commitment to the environment and our desire to enhance the long-term sustainability of the agri-food sector.