Committed to the principle of excellence in everything we do, A. Lonhienne’s production facilities in Liège respect the highest processing standards with a total emphasis on food safety and security. Maintaining close contact with quality suppliers ensures full traceability throughout the production cycle.

A. Lonhienne’s professional management team is dedicated to best industry practice, ensuring a total quality management approach to the running of every aspect of the business. The A. Lonhienne facility was fully refurbished in 2013 to the highest international food grade standards, consistent with a Group wide commitment to quality standards. The company operates under a number of international license and accreditation programmes, having consistently achieved Grade A British Retailers’ Consortium (B.R.C) accreditation, an independent affirmation of A. Lonhienne’s production standards and systems.

Together with our highly skilled staff, A. Lonhienne guarantees the highest standards in food safety, customer service and innovation – elements that are fundamental to our business success.