Established in 1999 from a merger between Granville Meat Company and Milltown Livestock and Meat Company, Linden Foods process top quality cattle and lamb. Located in Dungannon, about 40 miles west of Belfast in Northern Ireland, Linden Foods’ modern processing plant can slaughter and process approximately 1,800 cattle and 4,000 lambs weekly.

The company currently services a wide range of retail multiples, dedicated convenience food manufacturers and the wider meat packing industry in the UK and Europe. By providing excellent products and first class service, close working relationships have been established with all our customers as the company continues to grow. Linden’s brands include Banquet Royale Rosé Veal, Chef Class premium beef and lamb products and Tasti convenience foods.

Established as a market leader within the red meat industry, Linden Foods has an enviable record on all the important issues related to meat processing. The company has helped to pioneer the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme and developed their own Select Herd Scheme to meet customer demand. Linden Foods management fully embrace strict regulation around all areas of animal welfare, environmental care and product safety.